Performance Coaching

We know that good leaders are smart and hardworking, however today, that’s not enough.  At Cote we have a long track record of helping senior leaders perform better and more efficiently.

Through our work, we noticed that what often separates the high performers from the rest is their ability to take time out, step back, think about their strategy, and how their actions support the achievement of their key priorities.  This has become even more important as the market for professional services becomes even more competitive and fast moving.

We continue to notice the one thing leaders can really benefit from most is the time to not only think about their business but to do so with someone who is objective, has been in their world and who fully understands their realities.  Someone who is a sounding board, supports, encourages and challenges them to improve themselves and their business.

It may seem somewhat counter productive but finding time to take a break from the demands of the day and think through your business is a great start.

Within executive coaching we cover:

  • Transition coaching
  • Strategic thinking
  • Team coaching and facilitation
  • Performance partner service
  • Talent and partner track mentoring
  • Career review

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